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DACIA SuperNova
DACIA SuperNova   1999 2003
1999 2003

The first lovechild of Renault and the Romanian carmaker, the Dacia Supernova was a 5-door hatchback produced between 2000 and 2003.
The Supernova was more a facelifted version of the Dacia Nova.

We could say that the Supernova, as well as the later 2003 Solenza were transition models to the carmaker’s best known vehicle, the Dacia Logan.

Based on the older Dacia Nova, the Supernova featured a Renault engine and a transmission borrowed from the well known Clio. The exterior design was also improved featuring a more aggressive front-end and a slightly redesigned interior.

The SuperNova was the first Dacia model that offered air conditioning and alloy wheels and was offered in 5 trim levels: Europa, Comfort, Rapsodie, Campus and Clima.

With the Europa trim level, the Supernova was poorly equipped, or better, not equipped, skipping on a tachometer, water temperature and power locks. The Comfort offered a tachometer and power locks.

With the Rapsodie trim level, the SuperNova featured a radio cassette, fog lamps, body-colored front and rear bumpers and an optional rear aileron as well as air-conditioning.

The Campus trim level was similar to the Rapsodie and added a RadioCD and different alloy wheels.

With the top-of-the-range Clima, the Supernova featured standard air-conditioning, an aileron, a 4-speaker sound system and lighter alloy wheels.

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