OPEL Adam Rocks

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OPEL Adam Rocks
OPEL Adam Rocks   2014 2022
2014 2022

It is funny to see a car from the mini-segment with touches of an off-roader.
Yet, this type of crossovers conquered an important part of the market since they were effective against curbs and bumps on the road. Just don’t take them seriously that they can handle rear forest tracks. The 15 cm (5.9”) of ground clearance tackles well only on the city speed bumps.

The Opel Adam Rocks is the kind of vehicle that was built for the city and then someone thought it can look better on stilts. The black plastic on the wheel-arches, on the bumpers and the silver plastic underneath the car, suggest that the vehicle is ready to fight against shopping carts into your local supermarket parking lot. It is a car screaming for attention and its 17” light-alloy wheels are on the pitch note. If some would want to scream louder, would choose the optional 18” ones.

Inside there is the same Adam, but not the standard version. It has a climate control unit, an infotainment system that can connect to a smartphone.

The interior room is kind of cramped in the rear, at least for the leg-room. If needed, the Adam Rocks feature a soft-top fitted as standard that can be opened and give a view for the sky, but it is a car that attracts looks.

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