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PORSCHE 968 Cabriolet 968 Cabrio
PORSCHE 968 Cabriolet 968 Cabrio  1991 1995
1991 1995

Since the 944 had an open-top version, a 968 convertible was not unexpected, but it wasn’t introduced at the same time with the coupe.
It came a year later, in 1992.

The 944 convertible was built as a more affordable Porsche sports-car. It also was the beginning of water-cooled, front-engine cars for the German car-maker. To achieve a good balance, the gearbox was mounted in the back. The same concept was adopted for the 1991 Porsche 968.

From the outside, the most striking part of the car was the headlights system. Those were tilted back on the hood and were risen when they were needed. The long hood and raked A-pillars made the car looks like a GT. The straight beltline from the side gave the car an exclusive look. After all, it was a premium car and it had to look great regardless if the top was up or down.

Like its predecessor, the 944, it featured two seats in the back, fitted for very small children. That was a step forward when compared to the room in the back of a 911. Despite being a convertible, it featured a pair of seats in the back, but with the same, almost impossible, legroom. The canvas-top was stored behind them, taking some room from the trunk, which was not impressively big, but rather small. It could get two medium-sized duffle bags. For anything more, use the rear bench.

The technical platform featured a combination of McPherson struts in the front and semi-trailing arms in the rear. Under the hood, there was an inline-four engine with a 3.0-liter displacement. It was mounted way back, to help the car reach a balanced weight distribution. The VarioCam variable valve timing allowed a better specific power. The six-speed manual was the only option available.

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