We Believe Better Mobility Will Make World A Better And Greener Place

World is in the middle of global climate crisis - one that is impossible to ignore. To revert the worst case scenarios, all countries on earth have committed to reach carbon net-zero by 2050. Addressing sustainability across all industries is a worldwide pritority, and mobility is no exception.

Since dawn of fossil fuels as primary energy source since exception of combustion engine, mobility via automotive industry will play a critical role in building a sustainable future for global transportation. We as an industry, need to come together and dramatically reduce our collective impact as in improving our engineering and manufcaturing more electical vehicles and parts as broad adoption takes hold.

Automotive Should Lead the Way a Carbon-Neutral Future For Transportation

Here’s the most difficult and vital reality, one you’ve probably heard before: we’re out of time. We have around 30 years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to zero if we wish to keep global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Greenhouse gas emissions, which include everything that enters the atmosphere and contributes to global warming, from diesel soot to CO2 to methane, must be decreased immediately. This next year. And they must be cut in half by 2030.

In reality, this entails not only decreasing emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels in automobiles, trucks, planes, and ships, but also limiting methane leaks from natural gas engines and only allowing biofuels derived from non-food feedstocks and energy crops. In practice, this means delivering these savings while forecasted demand for freight and personal transportation more than doubles.

In 2021, we analyzed the worldwide transportation sector reductions that may be achieved by technological efficiency improvements, vehicle electrification, deep grid decarbonization, and the use of low-carbon fuels.

Our role in Building a Sustainable Mobility for Future Generations

To prevent these catastrophic possibilities, we must discover inventive methods to rewrite the future, building more compassionate and sustainable social practices in terms of energy and the environment. If the epidemic has taught us anything, it is that we are a fragile society and that unforeseen catastrophes will occur. We are also a sophisticated, ambitious civilization seeking to develop and secure a long-term future for ourselves and future generations.

One such innovation is the merging of traditional public transportation with alternative systems of electric micromobility; we must continue to accelerate this model and realize its potential.

That is our claim now, probably more than ever before. We establish the circumstances for future generations to be mobile while without putting undue strain on the environment. With exceptional skills, innovative methods, and long-term solutions based on decades of experience.

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