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AC Frua Convertible 428 Convertible
AC Frua Convertible 428 Convertible  1966 1971
1966 1971

In 1966, AC cut a deal with the Italian coachbuilder Frua to create a luxurious Grand Touring convertible for the British carmaker, and the result was unique.
The AC Frua was not the best of two worlds. It was even better: the best of three worlds. Back in the mid-’60s, American carmakers offered the biggest engines for automobiles. At the same time, the British carmaker AC developed the Ace MK III chassis with coil-suspension in all corners, dropping the leaf-spring forever, and the result was a very agile car. As for the Italians, they were already known for their beautiful cars.

The convertible version of the AC Frua sported the same front fascia with AC Ace headlights but different, corner-mounted turn-signals. The grille was split into two halves, and on the center, the carmaker installed its rounded badge. From its sides, the convertible featured a slightly raked and curved windshield. Its beltline featured a curved line from front to the rear, with a slightly higher bump above the rear fenders.

Inside, the dashboard was easy to understand only by an aircraft pilot. Strangely, the clock and the ammeter took center stage, while the speedometer was on the left side and the tachometer on the right side of the panel. Both were difficult to see due to the steering wheel. The car offered a great comfort level thanks to its ample wheelbase and a luxurious appearance thanks to its leather upholstery.

After completing the bodywork, Frua sent the vehicles back to the U.K. so AC could install the drivetrains and other components. Ford provided the big-block 427 V-8 engine.

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