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ACURA RSX TYPE-S   2005 2006
2005 2006

After three years on the market, the RSX received a particular version named Type-S, with essential upgrades.
When Honda introduced the Integra Type-R on the U.S. market, it was a blast! It relied on the same platform as the Civic SI but looked better in every way. But in 2002, Acura introduced the second generation for the Integra, which was not named Integra anymore, but RSX. It was heavier than its Civic sibling, but Acura (as a premium brand) offered a carefully updated interior. Then, in 2005, the carmaker introduced the Type-S version, which changed the game.

It looked like a regular Acura RSX with lower ground clearance and a different set of wheels from the outside. There was a new bumper design with much aggressive styling. Its aerodynamically profiled side sills enhance the car’s look, and a discreet lip-spoiler on the tailgate completed the image. But it wasn’t a car that screamed for attention.

The leather-clad interior featured sport bucket seats at the front and a bench for two children in the back. On the dashboard, Acura installed a set of white dials instruments with red needles. Like on the non-Type-S version, the center stack sported the controls for the climate control unit and the stereo.

But the most important differences were under the skin. Honda installed a new version of the K20-series engine that produced 210 hp, 50 more than in the regular RSX. To cope with that, Honda installed a standard limited-slip differential and, together with the lowered and stiffened suspension, it improved the car’s behavior.

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