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ALFA ROMEO 159   2005 2011
2005 2011

While the Alfa Romeo 156 was very appreciated, the italian company decided it was time for a replacement, the so called Alfa Romeo 159.
The 159 was considered to be one of the most beautiful cars of the time, more appreciated than its competitors like VW Passat or the Ford Mondeo.

It is already known that the Alfa Romeo models were mostly bought by passionates, users that appreciated a firm, precise steering and great stability on the road.

Sitting in the front seats of the 159 was comfortable and offered enough space, however, the passengers in the back would not have enjoyed a longer trip.

The load area was decent, with 405 liter for the sedan and 445 liter for the sportwagon. But to access the load area, users would’ve needed to find the button for opening the trunk.
I know it sounds weird, but, have you ever seen the button placed on the roof, near the central lights of the passenger compartment? If not, now you know.

The interior of the Alfa Romeo 159 was beautiful and the attention to details could easily be observed. The star of the upholstery was the Poltrona Frau leather.
The Alfa Romeo 159 was rated 5 stars at the EuroNCAP and was considered a good rival to the BMW 3-Series.

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