ALFA ROMEO 33 Sport Wagon

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ALFA ROMEO 33 Sport Wagon
ALFA ROMEO 33 Sport Wagon   1988 1994
1988 1994

The former Alfa 33 Giardinetta was rebadged Sport Wagon in 1988, being now available with a choice of two engines - 1.3 Sport Wagon S (86 bhp) and 1.7 Sport Wagon QV (114 bhp) - and a redesigned grille. Two years later, the Sport Wagon received a facelift - as all Alfa 33 variants did - becoming a luxurious and sportive livestyle estate car. Also, the ‘33’ badge was abandoned and the car’s new name was simply Alfa Sport Wagon. The new model was now available in several versions: 1.3 Sport Wagon, 1.3 Sport Wagon L, 1.7 IE Sport Wagon, 1.7 IE Sport Wagon cat, 1.7 IE Sport Wagon 4x4, 1.7 IE 16 V Sport Wagon and 1.7 IE 16 V cat Sport Wagon.

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