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ALFA ROMEO Giulia GTA   2020 2022
2020 2022

Back to the origins for its 110th birthday.
The first time we saw the Giulia GTA nameplate was on a car released in 1965. It had a 1.6L engine and was manufactured in two different versions, for street and race. The latest GTA is the most powerful road car Alfa Romeo has produced so far, to be made in 500 units only.

Although it might look like a typical Alfa Giulia, with its aggressive-looking front section, that’s definitely not the case. The main focus was the car’s weight, which is 100 kilos lighter than the Quadrifoglio – which means the beautiful 2020 model weighs around 1,422 kilos.

To reach this reduced weight, the interior door handles were replaced by fabric door pulls, plus the hood, front and rear fenders, front bumper – they are all made of carbon fiber. The interior has a touch of the racing world. There are no door panels and no rear seats on the racier GTAm – they were ditched and replaced by a roll cage.

The powerful engine is a 2.9 V6 Bi-Turbo which is made entirely of aluminum. It delivers 510HP in the standard configuration and the 540HP version for the Giulia GTAm. For an amazing sound and performance, the manufacturer managed to include an Akrapovic exhaust system.

Alfa didn’t announce the price at the car’s launch. The full package will also include a helmet in a Giulia GTA livery and a full Alpinestars racing suit. While this car is fun on the track, it is also 100% road legal. Doesn’t it look like the sexiest car of 2020?

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