ALFA ROMEO Torpedo 20-30 HP

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ALFA ROMEO Torpedo 20-30 HP
ALFA ROMEO Torpedo 20-30 HP   1921 1922
1921 1922

After WWI, the motoring industry had a slow recovery, and the young Alfa Romeo brand rebuilt itself from the ashes; and the first vehicle it produced was the 20-30 hp.
There was no need for sports cars anymore, but Alfa Romeo had the plans from its pre-war E model. It also had the engines and the will to build a torpedo vehicle, fit for those who made a fortune during and after the war. While it seemed illogical to build a three times more expensive car than a Ford Model T, the Italian carmaker did it and sold it in 124 units.

With its torpedo bodywork, the new 20-30 HP Torpedo showed the Alfa Romeo badge at the front. It was the first vehicle to show the new brand. The big, electric headlights were mounted on pillars directly attached to the chassis, between the fenders and the engine compartment. Its E bodywork showed a rounded top engine cover and a radiator with a very thick rim around it. The spare tires were mounted on both sides of the car, between the fenders and the front doors.

The carmaker installed side glass panels attached to the sides of the windshield’s pillars to protect the passengers from front winds. Since there was a shortage of materials, a canvas-roof was preferred to a fixed, metallic roof system, which was not that popular anyway. With its two benches inside, the 20-30 hp offered room for up to six passengers.

From the technical point of view, the 20-30 Torpedo was a car more advanced than the Ford Model T. It featured an electric starter and a driveshaft to send the power to the rear wheels. The four-speed manual gearbox and the 4.2-liter engine were considered an advanced feature for its times.

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