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ASTON MARTIN Cygnet   2011 2013
2011 2013

When we first heard the nameplate of Cygnet, we thought that Aston Martin brought a new luxury sports coupe or a sports sedan.
Never had we imagined it was actually a small city car.

Why would a producer like Aston who does some of the world’s most beautiful sports cars decide to invest in a mini car?

Well, only laws could convince them, and we understand why. The EU regulations asked the producers to cut their CO2 emissions by 35 %. Not really a biggie for companies producing series cars, but a hard task for Aston.

While the Cygnet was based on the Toyota IQ city car, he exterior paint and the interior design were pure Aston. The interior of the Cygnet was the interior of the Aston Martin DBS, probably with reduced dimensions to fit the small cabin.

The entire mini car was handcrafted from scratch, from manually painted exterior to the manually handcrafted leather seats. The exterior paint colors were the same available for the DBS.

The small Cygnet had a 1.3 petrol engine developing 100 hp, mated to a 5-speed manual or a CVT automatic transmission.

The Cygnet was a perfect match for city traffic, with its electric assisted steering, the small car felt like a fish in the water.

Long roads though were not made for the Cygnet, as the steering was not that precise, and also, the rear seat passengers would not have enough legroom and headroom to enjoy the journey.

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