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AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 100 Avant C4
AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 100 Avant C4 1991 1994
1991 1994

Audi introduced the fourth generation 100 model in 1991, based on the newly-revised Volkswagen Group C4 platform.
The new Audi 100 was available in two body configurations - saloon/sedan and estate/wagon - and received a brand new powerplant, the 2.8L V6 delivering 174 hp. The 100 Avant model was also optioned with company’s innovative ‘quattro’ permanent all-wheel-drive system, as well as a ZF 4-speed automatic gearbox. This model changed its designation in 1994 - into Audi A6 - but its design lines remained untouched until its discontinuance in 1997.

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AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 100 Avant C3
AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 100 Avant C3 1983 1991
1983 1991

The third generation of the Audi 100 was the generation that lost its wagon version.
Instead of a traditional station wagon, Audi offered a sort of hatchback, naming it the Avant. It was built on the same technical platform as the rest of the lineup, but the entire rear part of the vehicle’s bodywork was changed.

The demand for classic station wagon vehicles on the upper market was not in high demand, but sometimes more trunk space was appreciated, and Audi gave a smart answer with this fastback bodywork. The total trunk space was 390 liters (13.7 cu-ft) with the rear seats up and it could be extended up to 1310 liters (46.3 cu ft). The interior room was enough for five adult passengers.

A great innovation for the year it was launched was the fully galvanized body, and that made it rust-resistant. The 10 years anti-rust warranty was also a good proof of quality. Another interesting innovation for the vehicle was the quattro all-wheel-drive system and the procon-ten protection system in case of an accident.

The pneumatically controlled central locking system relied on vacuum rather than electric actuators. The entry level engine was a 1.8-liter unit while the top model was a 2.3-liter unit turbocharged. An automatic transmission was offered as an option.

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AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 200 Avant
AUDI 100/ 200 Avant 200 Avant  1985 1991
1985 1991

Audi created the 200 range on the same 100 lineup, but with more powerful engines and a slightly restyled bodywork to compete against Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series.
The German carmaker from Ingolstadt tried to cut some corners in its march to the premium segment. While it wasn’t sure that the recipe would work, it was the easiest way to do it. In some ways, it worked since it offered better engines only packed in slightly changed bodyworks. Even though it looked very similar to its 100 sibling, the 200 and the 200 Avant sported some differences.

There were some minor changes on the car’s exterior compared with its lesser equipped sibling. At the front, the 200 featured bumper-mounted turn signals, while its sibling had them in the headlights. The 200 didn’t sport any lamps on the front fenders, and the doors featured grab-handles instead of flush ones. In the Avant version, the back panel was also different. The 200 sported broad taillights extended from one side to another, creating an upscale look.

Inside, Audi installed a rounded instrument cluster that raised and descended over the dashboard. A wood-veneer adorned the front side of the panel and incorporated three center vents in the middle and two on each side, next to the front doors. The carmaker extended the instrument panel above the center stack, adding three additional gauges. As for the trunk, it kept the same 390 liters (13.7 cu-ft) with the rear seats up, which could have been extended up to 1,310 liters (46.3 cu ft).

Audi installed a range of inline-five engines under the 200’s hood paired with either a five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic, depending on the market. Power went either to the front wheels or in all corners.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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