AUDI 80 Avant RS2

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AUDI 80 Avant RS2
AUDI 80 Avant RS2   1994 1996
1994 1996

The 1994 Audi RS2 was the ultimate factory sleeper of those times.
It was a station-wagon that could leave behind most of the sports cars of its era.

After building together with the Porsche 924 and 944 with Audi engine, this time it was the four-ring brand to receive the expertise from the sports car maker. It was like the combined power of two titans of that era. The car was assembled in the Porsche factory, helping them after Mercedes-Benz ended the production of the Mercedes E500 in the Zuffenhausen factory.

On the outside, few details could tell the difference between a regular 80 Avant and the RS2. The Porsche wheels and rear-view mirrors and the big front bumper were a sign. In the back, a bigger bumper and a red wide panel connected the taillights.

Inside, the car featured Recaro sport-bucket seats with high bolstering and blue Alcantara upholstery. There were some carbon-fiber trims, but in 1994 not too many people knew what was that.

The engineering part was the most important. Under the hood, there was an inline-five unit mated to a six-speed manual only. The car was all-wheel-drive with a Torsen center differential and an electronically locking rear differential. The RS2 Avant could reach 30 mph (48.2 kph) from standing still in 1.5 seconds, and that was faster than the fastest supercar from that era, the McLaren F1. For stopping power, the RS2 Avant was fitted with four-pot disc-brakes on all four corners, but branded with Porsche instead of Brembo, who was the actual manufacturer. It was offered with a standard set of 302 mm (11.97”) front disc-brakes and an option for 322 (12.60”).

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