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AUDI 80 Avant S2 B4
AUDI 80 Avant S2  B4 1993 1995
1993 1995

Audi introduced an S2 version for the 80 Avant in 1993, adding family value to a vehicle that could keep up with other sports cars on the market.
The German carmaker installed the same drivetrain from the S2 Coupe to the sedan and the station wagon, the Avant. Unlike its main competitors, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which offered their vehicles with rear-wheel-drive, Audi provided the S2 with an all-wheel-drive system. Also, it used a smaller, turbocharged engine. But the four-rings brand disappointed its U.S. customers by not selling the Avant on the North American market.

From the outside, the S2 looked more aggressive, with an extended apron under the front bumper. Its red and silver badge on the grille made a difference compared to other Audi 80 Avant models. From its sides, the five-spoke light-alloy wheels design was unique for the S2 range.

Inside, the carmaker placed sport bucket seats at the front and a split-folding rear bench to expand the trunk area. At the front, the instrument panel featured white dials and red needles. Audi installed an additional set of gauges at the bottom of the center stack, which showed information regarding the oil pressure, oil temperature, and charging (ammeter).

Under the hood, Audi installed a 2.2-liter inline-five turbocharged gasoline engine. It sent its power in all corners via a six-speed manual gearbox and a Torsen center differential. Before 1993, Audi provided only a five-speed manual gearbox for the S2, regardless of the car’s shape.

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