AUDI A3 Sedan 2020 - 2022

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Segment: Compact

The Audi’s 4-door smallest car released by 2020 was the Audi A3.
The dimensions of the A3 were changed for more sportiness and space and it was longer than the hatchback version with 15cm.

The seats inside the A3 were positioned lower to offer more headroom and side room.

The trunk of the A3 had a decent capacity of 425 liters.

Talking about the design, the 2020 A3 look elegant and aggressive at the same time.
The front was equipped with a large single frame open honeycomb grille in gloss black finish that was not only for design purposes but was also functional with flaps that went on and off.

The headlights of the 2020 A3 were full LED and had digital daytime running lights, an innovation for Audi.

Looking to the side of the car, starting with the central pillar, the roofline was lowered towards the back, a design that made the A3 look more like a 4-door coupe.

In the back, a dissimulated aileron was integrated into the trunk lid. The taillights had vertical and horizontal stripes, strategically placed to emphasise the width of the car.

Inside the cabin of the A3 we found a digital instrument cluster as standard, and users could additionally opt for the Audi Virtual Cockpit that brought a bigger 12.3-inch display.

Audi started to focus more on the driver and designed the central display differently for the A3, as it was inclined to the driver.

AUDI A3 Sedan 2020 2022

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