AUDI Q8 2018 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: SUV

Segment: Large SUV

All-new for 2018, the Q8 replaced the big boss in the SUV range, the Q7.
With the elegance of a sports coupe and the practicality off a real SUV, the Q8 was the first to present the Audi’s new design language.

New dynamic and dramatic lines, a new single frame grille, sculpted rear lights with lights animation, all gave the feeling of strength, power and stability.

Featuring a huge wheelbase with short overhangs, the Q8 had a coupe’s proportions. Also coupe-like were the frameless doors, both front and rear.

Unlike many competitors in the class, the Q8 was a real 5-seater with great headroom and legroom, even if, rom the outside, the sloping roof might have given the impression of cramped seats in the back.

A luxurious, comfortable and spacious SUV, the Q8 offered a great trunk size with 605 liters capacity, whereas longer items could be stored by folding flat the rear seats, increasing the storage capacity to an immense 1,755 liters.

Inside was a relaxing place every driver would have enjoyed being in, with the floating-like digital dashboard and the ambient lighting. Premium quality materials were used throughout the cabin, and that came as no surprise, as Audi’s interiors were always among the most elegant and luxurious.

With an engine choice with power ranging from 227 hp to 335 hp, the powerful units offered a refined and engaging ride.

AUDI Q8 2018 2022

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