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CADILLAC CTS Sport Wagon   2009 2014
2009 2014

Cadillac expanded the CTS lineup to four models, starting with the sedan, the coupe, the CTS-V, and the Sports Wagon, which was addressed to those who needed more cargo space and a touch of luxury.
GM’s premium carmaker Cadillac built the CTS on the new Sigma II platform. Its design was far from the classic look of the older models and more appropriate to the younger generations’ tastes. The CTS Sport Wagon was finally ready to head-on with the BMW 5-Series Touring, the Mercedes E-Class T-Model, and the Audi A6 Avant.

Gone were the ample lines classic lines of the Cadillac. The new generation introduced a wedged shape that looked sharp. Its vertically mounted headlights featured an angular look. Up to the B-pillar, the car looked similar to the CTS sedan, apart from the roof rails. Beyond that point, it was completely different. Its third side window was raked forward. Its rear pillars and the tailgate followed the same angle. In the back, its tall and thin taillights resembled the lamps installed on the fin-tail Cadillacs from the ’60s.

Inside, the carmaker managed to maintain a luxurious appearance with a leather-clad interior and wood veneers on the doors, dashboard, and center console. Its front bucket seats were not the most supportive in the segment but still featured a medium bolstering on the outside. In the back, a 60/40 split-folding seatback allowed the trunk to grow from 25 cu-ft (720 liters) to 53 cu-ft (1,500 liters) with the rear seats folded.

Cadillac offered the CTS Sport Wagon with a rear or all-wheel-drive system and power up to 322 hp, which made it a serious contender for the European premium carmakers.

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