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CHEVROLET Epica   2006 2011
2006 2011

Its original badge is the Daewoo Tosca and was launched by GM Daewoo in South Korea in 2006.
Worldwide, the Tosca is known as the Chevrolet Epica, Chevrolet Tosca or Holden Epica, depending on the market. Aimed to replace the Daewoo Magnus on the mid-size cars segment, the new Epica was available for purchase in Europe starting the 2006 Geneva Motor Show. As compared to the previous model(s), the Tosca/Epica was designed in-house by GM Daewoo. It was initially equipped with a 1.8L (only available in South Korea), a 2.0- and a 2.5-litre engine, while also added a 2.0L common rail diesel engine by GM in early 2007.

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