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CHRYSLER 300C   2004 2010
2004 2010

Based on a car concept revealed by Chrysler at the 2003 New York Auto Show, the 300 model was released for purchase to the large public from as early as 2004.
The Chrysler 300 was based on the Chrysler LX platform and shared most of its components with the defunct W210 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. The 300C was the top-of-the-line version of this model and used a 5.7L Hemi V8 engine delivering up to 340 hp (when all 8 cylinders are at work). This power plant can also work on 4 cylinders when needed, in order to improve fuel consumption. The 300C is also available on the Australian market.

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CHRYSLER 300C SRT8  2005 2010
2005 2010

There has been a long time until an American carmaker offered a 4-door sedan hot-rod, but in 2005 Chrysler dared to launch on the market a car that could run the quarter-mile in lows 13 seconds.
After the Mercedes-Benz took-over the Chrysler, their alliance made possible the evolution of a few models and the introduction of several cars that made history. One of them was the Chrysler 300 C, which took some parts from the E-Class but with a retro-design of the ’60s American sedans. Besides its aggressive look, the 300 C SRT8 could walk the walk.

The 300C featured a unique design, with a low greenhouse and only slightly raked A-pillars. Its slightly curved areas, long hood, and short trunk lid made the car looks ready to jump in a fierce race against any other vehicle on the road. A massive, flat and vertical, grid installed as a grille enhanced the aggressive look.

Inside, the SRT8 featured a distinctive white-dial instrument cluster with black needles. A green on black LCD sat on the upper side of the panel and displayed various parameters, including G-meter. To keep its occupants in place, the powerful version of the C300, Chrysler installed bucket-seats with high-bolstering for the front occupants. The sat-nav was offered as an option.

Under the hood, a 6.1-liter pushrod V8 engine was an all-classic Hemi that provided 430 hp on regular gasoline. It was paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission that sent the power to the rear wheels. Chrysler 300C SRT8 featured a stiffened suspension, which could handle the heavyweight barge at the same level as its AMG German brothers.

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CHRYSLER 300C   1957 1959
1957 1959

Original Chrysler 300 cars were big, slow mammoth-like cars but low-slung and offered excellent handling and power along with comfort and luxury.
In their premier eleven years as a limited-edition cars Chrysler made very few expensive cars. Each year saw a new generation of a Chrysler 300 with a new letter, the first being the 300C. Unlike other Chryslers the 300C was built using body-on-frame construction, process that would last through 1959. The 300C was based on the Chrysler New Yorker, but featured many changes (those which were not considered as options ). The heart of the 300C was a standard V8 Hemi engine that produced 390 horsepower.

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CHRYSLER 300C Convertible
CHRYSLER 300C Convertible  1957 1957
1957 1957

Chrysler introduced the third of the 300 letter-series model in 1957 as a personal luxury coupe and convertible.
To say about a Chrysler 300 C that is big is an understatement. It was huge! It was longer than most of the limousines from the 2000s yet. It was a 2-door convertible vehicle. It featured advanced systems for those times and an option for air-conditioning, which was not so common.

At the front, the dual round headlights and its trapezoidal grille were specific for the 300 C. Its slightly raked but curved windshield offered a panoramic view, suitable for a vehicle that was two-meters (78.8 in) wide. Unlike the Saratoga model, which was very similar to it, it featured a chromed line on the rear quarter panel and a round badge with the 300 C name on it. The 300 C showed sharp fins on top of the fenders and big, tall triangular taillights in the back.

Inside, it was a luxury vehicle, with room for up to six occupants on two benches. At the front, the 300 C was offered with bucket seats as well. A push-button start was unusual for those times, and that made it special. Its rag-top was completely retractable behind the rear bench, in a special compartment.

Under the hood, Chrysler installed a Hemi V8 engine available in two power options paired to a 3-speed automatic transmission. The high power output version was built in a very limited edition of just 18 units.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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