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CHRYSLER New Yorker   1995 1997
1995 1997

The 1995 New Yorker was fortunate to get Chrysler’s new logo on it’s grille, witch replaced the old pentastar, the New Yorker was given a more American Luxury look, and the LHS a more European performance persona.
The New Yorker was driven by a 3.5 liter, 3.518 cc V6 front longitudinal engine, overhead cam and four valves per cylinder. In reality the two versions only differed by the New Yorker’s chrome exterior trim, column shifter, and fewer standard features, that’s the reason why after 1996 the New Yorker name was dropper in favor of a six-passenger option on the more popular LHS.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
CHRYSLER New Yorker   1955 1961
1955 1961

1955 was a big year for Chrysler because they introduced the new car line which showcased the new styling influence of they’re new chief stylist, Virgil Exner.
He treated all vehicles in the Mopar family with his expertise and talent, the work he and his team performed are among the most memorable in history. The 1955 Chrysler was bolted to a 331 cubic-inch V8 Firepower with hemispherical cylinder heads. The massive V8 soul of the New Yorker was capable of producing an astonishing 250 horsepower, the car was also fitted with a three-speed Powerflite automatic gearbox and four-wheel power-assisted drum brakes.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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