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CHRYSLER Pacifica   2020 2022
2020 2022

At the 2020 Chicago Auto Show, Chrysler showed its new 2021 Pacifica minivan.
Even if it isn’t a completely new vehicle, the updated version has enough features to be praised. For starters, there are new headlights, crafted with a more aggressive, linear design. The standard new LED headlamps deliver a better light projection and stand out boldly thanks to new daytime running lights (DRL). New 20” light-alloy-wheels are available, depending on the four different trim levels. Pacifica offers also LED foglights.

Inside, the 2021 Pacifica offers more features than before. It even has a famCAM, which is a camera focused on the rear seats. It can also be zoomed to seats and monitors the rear-facing child seats. The image can be shown on a 10.1” touch-screen display fitted on the dashboard. On the connectivity side, there is a Uconnect 5 system, which has its own application for smartphones, but it can be also connected via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

The 2021 Chrysler Pacifica has two engine options. One is a V6 engine and the other is a PHEV version. The plug-in hybrid has a 3.6-liter gasoline unit paired with an electric motor and offers up to 48 km (30 miles) of electric range. The Pacifica Hybrid may be fully recharged via the 6.6-kWh on-board charger in as little as two hours using a 240-volt (Level 2) charger, available from Mopar through dealers. The V6 only version has 287 hp and it is mated to a 9-speed automatic gearbox. All-wheel-drive is available, while front-wheel-drive is fitted as standard.

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CHRYSLER Pacifica   2016 2020
2016 2020

The 2017 Chrysler Pacifica replaced the older Chrysler Town&Country model.
The name is not new though, it was used during the DaimlerChrysler alliance for an SUV.

The MPV market in the U.S. is big and important. It is also an area where the European brands’ are mostly non-existent and the Japanese car-makers are struggling to keep up. It is the place where Chrysler could offer a new car with a lot of background experience.

The design was more fluid than the angular-shaped Town&Country. Its flowing lines on the grille and headlights were extended to the sides and in the rear. The sliding doors were fitted as standard and with its wide windows, it offered an exclusive view on the road.

Inside, was where the 2017 Pacifica really shined. It’s Stow ‘n Go middle seat rows and the removable rear seat rows, it could be transformed from a family minivan into a light utility vehicle in under a minute. Depending on the trim level, it featured up to seven seats. The Stow ‘n Go system was not available for the hybrid version since that one had the batteries under the floor. It was offered even with an integrated vacuum cleaning system, located in the C-pillar trim area.

The 2017 Pacifica featured an all-wheel independent suspension, which was good for comfort. There was only one engine option, the 3.6-liter V6 unit. It was offered either as a stand-alone power unit or as a plug-in hybrid with a 16 kW Li-ion battery that ensured up to 53 km (33 miles) of electric autonomy.

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CHRYSLER Pacifica   2003 2006
2003 2006

The alliance between the Daimler and Chrysler made way for some interesting vehicles.
Among them, it was the Chrysler Pacifica, a cross-over minivan that could bring seven people on a ski-resort.

When Daimler and Chrysler joined forces, the American brand was flooded with German technology. Some vehicles received rear axles, such as the 300C, others were based on Mercedes-Benz platforms and some received the know-how to be developed and produced. The Pacifica was the first product developed together by the two companies.

The Pacifica was developed to look and offer the convenience of an MPV, the high-driving position of an SUV, and car-like handling. To achieve that, the exterior look was of a minivan, but with front-hinged doors instead of sliding ones, which are more expensive. The platform was transformed from the previous one used on the Town&Country model. The headlights were from the new trend and the grille featured the new Chrysler badge.

Inside, the Pacifica was available with up to seven seats. The instrument cluster was very similar to the one found on some Mercedes-Benz vehicles. For the four-speed, automatic transmission, the plus-minus system to change gears was like in the German partner cars, with left and right movements, respectively.

The Pacifica was available with a front or all-wheel-drive system and it was powered by a newly developed V6 engine family. Since it was not built on a chassis, it couldn’t tow as much as other MPVs from that era, but its handling was far better.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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