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CITROEN C3 Aircross
CITROEN C3 Aircross   2021 2022
2021 2022

Citroen introduced a facelifted version for the C3 Aircross at the beginning of 2020 and upgraded its engines and safety systems to comply with the Euro6d norms.
The C3 Aircross was introduced on the market in 2017 and was sold in over 330.000 units by 2020 when it was refreshed. It was a very successful vehicle for the French carmaker, and it proved its qualities as an all-around car. Its crossover-style, fuel-efficient engines, and decent interior made it a good choice in its price range.

Citroen built its small-segment crossover on the same platform as the C3 lineup. Its bodywork featured black plastic moldings around the wheel arches and side sills. At the front, the carmaker installed a redesigned bumper with a broader lower grille that sported a silver lower area that mimicked an aluminum shield. Its new LED lights were even slimmer than before, and that didn’t make it look better. On its sides, the carmaker dropped the airbumps protection panels, which worked well against parking bumps with shopping carts.

Inside, the most important upgrade was for the seats, which were thicker than before, enhancing the comfort. A new 9” touch-screen took center stage on the dashboard. It featured Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity that helped the driver navigate, play music, or take calls without removing the hands from the wheel. In the back, a 40/20/40 split-folding bench could have increased the trunk space from 410 liters (14.5 cu-ft) to 1289 liters (45.5 cu-ft).

Under the hood, Citroen installed its new engines upgraded to the latest pollution standards. The carmaker paired them as standard to a 6-speed manual, while an automatic transmission was available for selected versions.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
CITROEN C3 Aircross
CITROEN C3 Aircross   2017 2021
2017 2021

To expand its crossover range, Citroen has decided to give it a specific name: Aircross.
It was used for several vehicles and the C3 Aircross was one of them.

The C3 Aircross was a crossover based on the same platform with the super-mini C3. It was a direct competitor for the Renault Captur, the market leader in the segment. It was a replacement for the C3 Picasso as well. Since the minivan trend was dead, there was no need to continue that model.

From the outside, the C3 Aircross featured a striking look with a big bumper where the headlights were enclosed. The air intakes from the apron were found in the grille as on the interior as well. To enhance the “off-road” abilities, the car was fitted with black moldings on the wheel-arches. It was available with contrast-color roof rails.

Inside, the C3 Aircross looked different than most of the cars on the market. There was a shelf in the dash in the front of the front passenger. Some details on the air-vents resembled the same shape found on the front grille and an infotainment display was installed on the center stack. It looked like it was installed aftermarket, but it was original equipment. The instrument cluster featured two dials in square enclosures. In the back, there was room for two adults. The third one would have limited room. The trunk was big enough to carry a few folded bicycles.

For the engine compartment, Citroen offered a diesel and a gasoline unit, with different power levels. Apart from the base model, all of them were turbocharged. The standard transmission was a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic was on the options list for selected engines.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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