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CITROEN C5 Crosstourer
CITROEN C5 Crosstourer   2014 2022
2014 2022

With the rising interest in the crossover market, Citroen tried to offer a big station wagon in the segment, adding the special version CrossTourer to its already known C5 station wagon model.
There has been a long way since the first generation of the Citroen Hydractive suspension on the famous DS. It constantly evolved and it was installed on various models. The C5 was the second-largest vehicle in the French constructor lineup, after the C6 limousine and it was the base platform to develop the C5 CrossTourer. A car that could fit well on a city street and on the fields as well.

The medium-sized station wagon version of the Citroen C5 was upgraded in 2014 to a crossover vehicle. To enhance it as an all-road vehicle, the outside design was upgraded with new plastic protections on the wheel-arches. Long chromed strips were installed on the bottom of the doors, along the side sills. More chrome was found on the side mirrors. The Hydractive III+ suspension system allowed a 15 mm (0.6”) increase in the ground clearance. Two lengthwise mate gray roof rails were installed on the roof. To complete the exterior look, the car was fitted with 18” alloy-wheels in mate gray.

The interior was unchanged from the normal C5 Tourer, but it wasn’t available in the base trim anymore.

The C5 CrossTourer was available with almost all the engine lineup from the regular C5 Tourer. It wasn’t compatible with the base engines of 1.6-liter HDI 115 hp.

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