DACIA 1310/1410 Sport

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DACIA 1310/1410 Sport
DACIA 1310/1410 Sport   1981 1992
1981 1992

The 1310/1410 Sport (or just Dacia Sport) was the only coupe ever produced by Dacia.
It was built on the same platform as the 1310/1410 sedan and shared the same engines - a 1.3-liter for the 1310 version and a 1.4-liter for the 1410.

Between 1981 and 1985, the Dacia Sport was using even the same short doors from the sedan version, looking a bit odd for a coupe. After 1986, the model received longer doors and shorter rear windows.

Another interesting fact about the Dacia Sport was that its rear window was actually a front windshield fitted at the rear of the cockpit, for cost reduction reasons.

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