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DACIA Dokker Van
DACIA Dokker Van   2012 2022
2012 2022

Considered one of the most practical vehicles in its class, the Dacia Dokker Van released in 2012 was an instant hit.
The nameplate of “Dokker” came from two combined words, dock and worker. The name emphasised the vehicle’s high carrying capacity and its modularity offered with the passenger version.

With 4.36m in length, 1.75m in width and 1.81m in height, the practical van offered an enormous 3300 liters cargo area and a maximum of 1.9m load length.

To enhance practicality, the back of the front passenger seat could be tipped forward. If necessary, the whole seat could be tipped forward to ensure longer items could be carried, up to 2.42m. When removed, the front passenger seat extended the load area to 3900 liters.

To ensure easy access, the Dokker Van was fitted with a wide sliding door. The upper trim levels could be fitted with an optional second door.

At the rear, the Dokker featured a split tailgate, with a wider door on the driver’s side and a narrower one of the passenger’s side. The doors would open at 90 degrees while kept in place by a retention system that prevented them from slamming. However, if needed, using a handle located on the inside of the door, the user could unlock the doors to be open at 180 degrees.

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