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FERRARI 360 Spider
FERRARI 360 Spider   2000 2005
2000 2005

Ferrari managed to create an open-top version for the F360 without spoiling its look, neither when it was opened nor closed.
The 20th convertible built by the Prancing Horse brand was a blend of technology, beauty, and performance. Ferrari put a lot of effort in the car’s development, and it succeeded in building one of its quickest roadsters to that date. Moreover, despite the added weight compared to the coupe version, it offered almost identical performance figures.

Like many other Ferrari, the design was made by Pininfarina. Its curved lines in coke-bottle style and swept headlights showed passion and speed. With the roof down, it showed a pair of safety-arches above the seats and two bulges behind. The roof was completely retractable in a special well between the engine and the cabin.

Inside, the carmaker put leather pretty much everywhere. Apart from the carpeting, everything else was covered in leather: seats, door panels, dashboard, B-pillars, and the sun visors. The minimalist instrument cluster offered just the needed information about the car, with a big tachometer in the middle. It was only a part of the Ferrari’s heritage, along with the metallic grille for the gear-stick.

Ferrari installed a naturally aspirated V8 engine under the hood. It was paired as standard to a 6-speed manual, and a 6-speed automatic with paddle shifters was on the options list.

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