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FIAT 1100 D
FIAT 1100 D   1962 1966
1962 1966

Fiat introduced the D version for the 1100 family in 1962.
Its “D” letter came from “Delight,” and it offered plenty of room for a vehicle of its size.

While the times were changing, the Italians made a new vehicle for the middle-class. The small, 600 model was good as an entry-level, but it was not big enough to carry four-five passengers on medium or long distances. The new families needed a more spacious vehicle, and Fiat tried to bring them into their showrooms.

The Fiat 1100 D was considered a modern car for its era with rounded edges and round headlights, but it had nothing special. It featured a rakish windshield and slim B-pillars. The cabin was extended to the maximum, so the rear window was almost vertical. An interesting characteristic of the car was the wide doors, which were very appreciated for a car of its size.

Inside, the carmaker installed a plain dash panel with an ashtray on top, in the middle. There was no center stack or center console, and the gear-selector was mounted on the steering column. The hand-brake was placed on the floor, though, on the driver’s side. Fiat installed a unitary system for the instrument cluster, with the speedometer, warning lights, and other dials into the same casing. There were two seats at the front and a bench in the back where two adults and a child could sit quite well.

Fiat offered the 1100 D with only one engine option paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox under the hood.

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