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FIAT 524 C
FIAT 524 C   1931 1934
1931 1934

Built as a replacement for the 525, Fiat offered the 524 in various bodyworks and two wheelbases.
The C-version was the short-wheelbase one.

The world was struggling with an economic crisis, and the cars were already too expensive. Fiat, as a luxury brand, started to think about making a more affordable vehicle. The 524 range was just what the market asked for. Since it was available in two lengths and a wide variety of bodyworks, the customers had a wide range to chose from. While the C-versions were more accessible for the middle-class, the L-versions were suitable for the wealthier people.

The 524 C was available as a sedan, convertible, roadster, coupe, or bare chassis. The sedan version featured four doors, and the rear ones were rear-hinged. The tall radiator was slightly raked at the front since the car engineers already understood the aerodynamics importance for a vehicle. The carmaker attached the 524 headlights to the engine compartment frame, not to the front fenders.

Inside, there was a wide option for the upholstery, starting with plain and simple cloth materials and ranged up to leather and silk. The driver was finally placed on the car’s left side, but the instrument panel was still in the middle of the dash panel.

Under the hood, Fiat installed a 2.5-liter engine paired to a 4-speed manual gearbox. It was still one of the few carmakers that used a 4-speed instead of a 3-speed. Fiat also used its power-brakes system with drums in all corners.

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