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FIAT 600 D
FIAT 600 D   1964 1969
1964 1969

Fiat introduced in 1964 an updated version for the Fiat 600, which showed more safety features and a better-engineered vehicle.
The 600 was designed as a replacement for the Topolino, one of the Italian brands’ biggest successes. But it was on sale since 1936, and it was an old vehicle. The 600 was a good family vehicle, but its rear-hinged doors were considered too dangerous. In 1964, Fiat came with an improved version of the 600: the D-version. And no, the D didn’t stand for “diesel.”

Fiat hired Dante Giacosa to design the 600. It was the same man that created the Topolino. The Italian carmaker insisted on having a rear-engine vehicle, despite the designer being a big fan of front-wheel-drive cars. Giacosa built the car big enough to fit four adults inside, but not bigger than that. Fiat assigned the same designer to refresh the car’s look and change the doors into front-hinged ones.

Inside, the 600D featured a long, metallic dash panel with the speedometer installed in an instrument cluster right in front of the driver. Since the car was very narrow, the designer installed handles to close the doors and vinyl pockets. The 600D featured leatherette upholstery and a folding rear backrest for additional storage. Since the engine was in the back, the front trunk was very small for a longer vacation.

Fiat upgraded the engine along with the rest of the vehicle and provided more power. Four horse-power more, to be precise.

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