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FORD Crown Victoria
FORD Crown Victoria   1998 2007
1998 2007

If you know this car from the outside, you watched too many cop-movies.
If you know it from the inside, you most probably know it from the rear seats.

The Ford Crown Victoria might be one of the most notorious U.S. Police cars ever made. In fact, 85% of the Police cars in the U.S. and Canada were Crown Victoria. But the large sedan was available on the market as well, and its sales were important. It was built on the same platform as the Mercury Grand Marquise, but with fewer luxury items. The large sedan with rear-wheel-drive offered a comfortable ride and a better balance than most of the front-wheel-drive vehicles, especially at that size.

The Crown Victoria featured an old-style front fascia, with wide headlights and a chromed grille. It was impossible to miss it from the rearview mirror. Due to the short front overhang and the long trunk, the car looked larger than it was.

Inside, the Crown Victoria offered room for up to six passengers, with three on each row. A pair of seats were offered for the front passengers as an option, and a folding armrest was available for the rear seats. Due to the big transmission tunnel, it was difficult for three adults to sit in the back.

Ford offered a 4.6-liter V8 engine for the Crown Victoria, available in four power options. The standard transmission was a 4-speed automatic designed for comfort.

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