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FORD Escort Wagon
FORD Escort Wagon   1995 2000
1995 2000

The sixth and last generation of the Escort was introduced in 1995, and it featured enough changes to be named as a new model, even though it resembled its predecessor.
By 1995, the compact, station-wagon market was big, and Ford tried to get as much as it could from that, but the sixth-generation clearly looked more appropriate to be named as a major facelift. The carmaker was also busy working on the new lineup, the Focus, which was planned to launch in 1998.

The 1995 Escort Wagon was based on the same platform as its predecessor. It kept the same wheelbase, and it was just slightly longer. The bumpers, hood, headlights, door-mirrors, door-handles, tailgate, and taillights were redesigned, revealing smoother lines. But the Escort MKVI still carried the same underpinnings as the MKV.

The exterior looked more like a facelift than a new generation, but the interior was a completely different story. While the 1990 model featured a squared-looking dashboard and many low-quality plastic parts inside, the sixth generation took its inspiration from its bigger brother, the Mondeo. The dashboard was rounded, and the upper side revealed a well-composed design, with flowing lines merged. Ford put wood-trims and a better sound system for the upper trim level, the Ghia. The folding rear bench seatback was standard.

The drivetrain was revised and included new, or enhanced, engines. For some versions, the Escort Wagon introduced the ABS fitted as standard.

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