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GEELY CK   2005 2022
2005 2022

The Geely CK is a sedan automobile from Chinese manufacturer, Geely Automobile.
Production began in May, 2005. The CK’s Chinese name, Baiyoujian, stands for “Freedom Ship” or “Free Cruiser”. It was sold as the Geely Otaka on the Russian market in 2007-2008.

The CK holds the distinction of being the first Chinese automobile ever displayed at an American auto show, although it was only shown to the press and not the general public. Geely had planned to begin selling the model in Puerto Rico in 2007 on the way to beginning sales in America the next year. The CK was also shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2005 along with four other Geely models.

The car is becoming a common sight in Cuba, according to a 29 September 2009 Reuters news feature. Displacing Russian Ladas, it is driven by government officials and police and also available to rental car fleets. The specification includes power windows and air conditioning. Still, they have a reputation for being unreliable and many drivers thus prefer the older, Russian-built vehicles.

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