HONDA Jazz / Fit 2020 - 2022

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Honda still insists on trying to conquer the small-segment with a small MPV while everyone else builds hatchbacks.
So, they introduced the new Jazz/Fit. A small MPV that has been on the market since 2000 and it is now on its fourth generation. The previous generations were available only as city-vehicles.

This time, the Jazz also comes with a cross-over variant, called Jazz Crosstar, which features some plastic overfenders and SUV-inspired details, although underneath it is still a Jazz. But just remember that the crossover Honda HR-V also used the Jazz/Fit platform.

If the previous generation had a hybrid version, the 2020 Jazz has only hybrid units under the hood. An 98 hp gasoline engine is helped by an electric motor and the total output goes to 109 hp. Honda didn’t specify any performance data, but we will update the info on the way.

Inside, the MPV shape helps in getting a big interior room. The Magic Seats system for the rear seats was maintained. Also, the foldable rear seatback is still available. This means that the gas tank is still under the driver seat, leading to a higher driving position. The dashboard is in the Internet and connectivity age, with a big TFT as an instrument panel and a 9” touch-screen for the infotainment unit. The 2020 Jazz has Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

HONDA Jazz / Fit 2020 2022

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