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HONDA Logo / Fit Logo/Fit
HONDA Logo / Fit Logo/Fit  1996 2001
1996 2001

To increase its lineup, Honda offered a more affordable vehicle on the market: the Logo.
Despite its reliability, the car was unsuccessful in the European market.

The first generation of the Civic was successful because it was cheap to buy, to run, and it was reliable. The buyers didn’t care that it offered basic features. Three decades later, Honda tried to make another basic vehicle for its customers. But the market was different, and the acquisition price was no longer the main component in purchasing decisions.

Honda introduced the Logo in 1996, but it took it a few years until it was sold in Europe. Its size made it a competitor for vehicles such as the Volkswagen Polo, Ford Fiesta, or Renault Clio. The Logo featured rounded squared headlights, a grille in the lower bumper, and a cabin that could hardly fit four adults inside. Somehow, its taillights resembled the same design as those installed on the Polo from the same era.

Inside, the plastic dashboard didn’t look too good. Unlike any other Honda on the market, it didn’t feature a tachometer on the instrument cluster. Later on, it was added to specific models along with the AC-unit. The trunk was small and could barely be useful for a family’s needs without the rear seats folded down when shopping.

Under the hood, Honda installed one of the smallest engines it had in its stock: the 1.3-liter four-pot unit. It was offered in a few power options, and it was paired as standard with a 5-speed manual gearbox. A 3-speed auto and a CVT were available as an option.

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