JAGUAR F-Type Coupe 2020 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: Coupé

Segment: Coupe

The proportions of Jaguar are timeless and instantly recognisable, but the new F-Type looks even better.
Evolved from its predecessor’s World Car Design-winning form, the breathtaking looks of the new Jaguar F-Type are enhanced by the super-slim Pixel LED headlights which enhance the car’s qualities.

Whichever model customers choose, whether is the F-Type, F-type R-Dynamic or F-Type R, one thing is sure, Jaguar maintains its assertiveness with Jaguar’s Signature J daytime running lights that features a calligraphy graphic: slim along the horizontal element of the light guide, and then widening as it sweeps upwards – as if a stroke from an art brush. Running along the J is an exquisitely-detailed monogram pattern, inspired by Jaguar’s heritage logo. The light graphic accentuates the car’s visual width and hints at its peak performance potential. Also, a subtly enlarged grille accentuates the new Jaguar F-Type’s visual presence.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe can be customised even more by choosing one of the 16 paints in the SVO Premium Palette. The fans will definitely notice inside the cabin a mondaine look with luxurious materials such as Sienna Tan Windsor Leather, Suedecloth, Alcantara, and satin-finish Noble Chrome. Lightweight slimline seats combine an ergonomically optimised form with outstanding comfort, further upgraded by heating and cooling options.

JAGUAR F-Type Coupe 2020 2022

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