KIA Sorento 2020 - 2022

Generation Information

Body style: SUV

Segment: Crossover

Most probably, 10 years ago, we would’ve never though that KIA would evolve the way they did over the past years.
And since their cars became better and better, their cost increased as well.

The KIA Sorento’s price launched in 2020 was the highest compared to the previous models and had a lot to offer.
The most notable aspect is that the new Sorento offered 7 seats and that made it an ideal car for large families.

The Sorento came with only one engine version, a 2.2-liter diesel developing 198 hp. It was available with a 4-wheel drive and the standard included a 6-speed manual transmission. Buyers also had the option to choose an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The interior offered comfort due to the available adjustments for the seats (8-way electric adjustments or a 10-way electric adjustments available for the KX-3 and the GT Line S trim levels). The controls were intuitively placed, in a way that allows the driver to use them in a safely manner. For a non-premium SUV, the materials used did not look cheap, moreover, the dashboard looked as if it was all wrapped up in leather.

The road visibility offered by the Sorento was beyond reproach, due to its large windscreen and the “throne-like” seating position, plus thins pillars. The overall feeling was of safety and control.
The infotainment system offered both Apple Car Play and Android Auto, with a 7.0 inch or a 8.0 inch touchscreen depending on the trim level. The more expensive trim levels offered improved audio with the aid of 10 Harman Kardon speakers.

KIA Sorento 2020 2022

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