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MARUTI SUZUKI Wagon R   2005 2022
2005 2022

After signing an agreement with the Indian Government in the early ’90s, Suzuki started producing cars in India in a joint-venture company with the local vehicle builder Maruti.
Designed for narrow Japanese streets and crowded cities, the Wagon R fit like a glove for the Indian market. But the transition to an Indian version was not that easy as the carmaker hoped for. In the end, it managed to introduced it on the local market in 2005. At first, it wasn’t that successful but later on, the sales started picking up.

When Suzuki designed the Wagon R, it made it fit in the Japanese kei-car rules. In order to provide enough interior room, the carmaker made a flat front fascia and a short engine compartment. The steep windshield started the cabin’s shape, which was continued by a flat roof and a vertical drop in the back for the liftgate.

The interior was minimalist, with a two-level dashboard, which featured a lower shelf for both front passengers. To help the dealers, most of the stereo units were dealer installed from aftermarket suppliers. On the base trim level, there were four wind-up side windows and no air-conditioning. These two features were available only on the top trim level.

Under the hood, Maruti-Suzuki offered the Wagon R with only one engine option. Thus, it managed to lower the production cost and shorten the construction times.

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