MAYBACH Typ SW 35, SW 38 and SW 42 Typ SW 38 "Ponton" Cabriolet by Spohn 1948 - None

Generation Information

Body style:

Segment: Roadster, Convertible

Built on a pre-war chassis, the Spohn-clad hybrid Ponton-cabrio seems rather unfinished but is still a unique car.
Among the multiple attempts to revitalize the company’s line-up in an era driven by aerodynamic efficiency and design trends, the Spohn was most notable thanks to its unique body work that blended both saloon and cabrio elements into a large vehicle that flaunted its rare bloodline through its avant garde overlapped-grille design. Despite its fresh and slightly ahead-of-the-time look, the car’s general appearance was plagued by the use of an old chassis with the wheels and fenders having been badly aligned, leading to a look close to that of a body builder with “chicken-legs”.

MAYBACH Typ SW 35, SW 38 and SW 42 1948 None

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