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MAZDA 2 / Demio - Sedan 2 / Demio - sedan
MAZDA 2 / Demio - Sedan 2 / Demio - sedan  2008 2014
2008 2014

Mazda prepared a special, three-box sedan version for the 2 range and offered it on specific markets as an entry-level model into the brand’s lineup.
While most of the carmakers dropped the small-sized sedans from their lineups, Mazda considered that the niche-segment was not dead yet and chose the perfect moment to introduce the 2 Sedan in the middle of the world financial crisis. Those were times when a cheaper sedan was easier to sell than a compact, three-box sedan.

At the front, the 2 Sedan was similar to its hatchback sibling. It featured the same swept-back headlights and the small triangular grille between them. On the lower side of the wrapped-around bumper, it featured a wider, reversed trapezoidal grille and two fake side-scoops. The biggest difference between the 2 Sedan and the hatchback was the rear. Mazda didn’t cut corners when it made the three-box version and used new doors in the rear and completely new quarter panels. Its new taillights were stretched from the body to the trunk’s lid.

Inside, the carmaker installed the same dashboard with round air-vents and the gear-stick installed high on the center stack. In the instrument cluster, the carmaker installed a center-mounted speedometer flanked by the tachometer on the left and by a digital display on the right. Mazda deleted the analog gauges for the fuel level and coolant temperature. In the back, there was limited legroom for the passengers and a split-folding rear bench seatback, which was unusual for its class.

Under the hood, Mazda offered the Demio/2 Sedan with a choice of two gasoline engines paired as standard to a five-speed manual transmission. A four-speed automatic was on the options list.

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