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MERCEDES BENZ R-Klasse AMG R 63 AMG W251 2006 2008
2006 2008

With the growing market of luxury MPVs in the U.S., Mercedes-Benz tried to get a hot spot with its R-Class, and, as a flagship model, it equipped it with a big AMG engine.

The luxury minivan was a car-segment that didn’t have many fans in Europe. The narrow streets and the winding roads were less than adequate for such a vehicle. There were some vehicles that went into the MPV segment, but only a few were offered with luxury trim, not to mention that the premium car-makers didn’t bother to build MPVs. But Mercedes-Benz tried its luck with the R-Class. A minivan built on an SUV platform.

The R-Class was unique in the Mercedes-Benz lineup. Its look was different than anything else in the German car-maker lineup, with a raked front, a long and curved roof, and an abrupt end. With the AMG package, the car featured 21” wheels and a different bumper. A roof-spoiler on top of the liftgate was the final touch of sportiness. It also incorporated the third stop-light.

Inside, there were six seats only, with leather seats and all the comforts for a vehicle that worth more than USD 90.000 and, with a full option package could top that mark.

Underneath the car lied a full independent pneumatic suspension. It was adjustable for comfort or sport, depending on the driver’s preferences. The 6.2-liter AMG engine was mated to a 7G-Tronic, which was the cheaper version of the AMG Speedshift version.

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