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MERCEDES BENZ R-Klasse Lang R-Class Long W251
MERCEDES BENZ R-Klasse Lang R-Class Long W251 2010 2013
2010 2013

Designed as a long-range cruiser that offered the same level of comfort as an S-Class, but with the more interior room, the R-Class received an upgrade in 2010.
From time to time, a big carmaker tries the market with a new vehicle that was not on the table before. Mercedes-Benz considered that a luxurious MPV would be demanded by the customers and offered the R-Class since 2005. But it was ill-fated since just two years later, the world financial crisis brought havoc in the car industry.

The facelifted model was introduced in 2010 as a 2011 model, and it was Mercedes-Benz’s last try to save the premium MPV. At the front, the revised version featured new headlights and bumpers, which were completely redesigned. It was available with bi-xenon headlamps and chrome inserts that integrated LED daytime driving lights. Its hood was more arrow-shaped on the front side, and the grille was wider.

Inside, the R-Class offered up to seven seats on three rows, with different seating arrangements. Undoubtedly, the biggest comfort could have been achieved when only four seats were installed, with ample room for every occupant. Mercedes-Benz also stated that, apart from the LCV-derived versions, the R-Class featured the biggest trunk in its passenger cars lineup and could transport up to 2385 liters (84.2 cu-ft) of luggage, with the rear and middle seats folded, on the long-wheelbase version.

Since the R-Class was based on the same platform as the M-Class, it offered an all-wheel-drive system fitted as standard. There were just two gasoline engine options and a 3.0-liter turbodiesel on the table, but that was enough for it.

Full Description and Technical Specifications
MERCEDES BENZ R-Klasse Lang W251
MERCEDES BENZ R-Klasse Lang  W251 2005 2010
2005 2010

Having a larger wheelbase, this particular R-Klasse model provides even more passenger room thanks to its extended 3-seat row configuration.
Available in two trim levels with engines displacing 3.0 L and 3.5 L repsectively, the range comes with a standard 7G-Tronic smart 7-speed automatic transmission that drives the car via a permanent 4-wheel drive system. Upgrades have also been made available for both trims with packages including increased seating capacity of up to seven people, panoramic sunroof, park assist adaptive HID xenon headlamps and an adjustable air suspension for improved handling.

Full Description and Technical Specifications

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