MERCEDES BENZ Typ 500 K/ 540 K Typ 540 K Spezial Roadster W29 1937 - None

Generation Information

Body style: Convertible

Segment: Roadster, Convertible

While the 500 K Spezial was an astonishing looking car, the 540 K boasted unearthly styling and the power to match it.
Although it looked good no matter the color choice, it was truly a killer dressed in black. The car looked as if it had been first painted by Jackson Pollock and then re-worked by H.R.Geiger. Although it looks complex, the car shares the same bio-mechanical beauty as Geiger’s Alien with sleek, loose lines contrasting with manically drawn details. Power has been raised to 180 hp but then again, this car was not about performance but about compelling beauty.

MERCEDES BENZ Typ 500 K/ 540 K 1937 None

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