Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe GT C190 2018 - 2022

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Segment: Coupe

Even if it wasn’t a completely new model, the 2019 AMG GT Coupe featured enough changes to impress the market after 5 years of it was introduced.
The sport and supercar GT from AMG has received some serious improvements on the 2019 refresh. The AMG engineers and its marketing department checked all the boxes with aerodynamic improvements, interior upgrades and, of course, more power and torque.

From the outside, there is a new grille on the front, inspired by the original Mercedes-Benz “Gullwing” from the ’50s. On the bottom of the bumper, an active aerodynamic system was installed, to help heat-up and cool the engine. On the side, the same big air-extractors on the front fenders were installed and those were not only for design purposes.

Inside, the big center console kept that special design with 8 buttons installed on a large V-shaped design. Of course, it corresponded to the V8 engine idea. The sport-bucket seats received new materials and color options and, for the driver, the full digital instrument cluster display was fitted as standard. Moreover, the AMG TRACK PACE was standard for the COMAND online infotainment system.

While the 2015 AMG GT offered 462 hp, the 2019 GT output was increased to 522 hp. That was more than the 2015 AMG GT S had. That extra power was sent to the rear wheels via a 7-speed SPEEDSHIFT AMG automatic transmission.

Mercedes-AMG GT Coupe 2018 2022

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