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MORGAN Plus Six   2019 2022
2019 2022

It is still one of the most exclusive car manufacturers on the planet, reaching his customers via a romantic retro-looking design placed on top of high-end technology.
This is Morgan, the brand that survived recessions and bad weather through high-quality products and some hefty prices.

The newest Morgan Plus Six is based on the carmaker’s newest platform. Unlike the previous models, which resided on a wooden chassis, now it is completely made out of lightweight aluminum. The new platform was engineered so it can accommodate further improvements over the next decade in order to be up to the environmentally and safety mandatory requests from future regulations.

At the 2019 Geneva Motorshow, Morgan presented its first vehicle with a turbocharged engine. The British manufacturer used BMW engines and transmissions for its models during the last two decades and this didn’t change. The latest Morgan has received the six-cylinder B58 turbocharged power plant from BMW. With its three-liter displacement and beefed with a pair of turbos, the total output is 355 bhp (360 HP) and 369 lb-ft (500 Nm) of torque. Transmission is via a ZF 8-speed gearbox to the rear wheels, as a true-spirit roadster.

Even though the exterior looks like a classic roadster, the interior is garnished with new technologies. In front of the driver, there is an LCD display integrated into the dashboard, in the driver’s line of sight. The center console is designed in a retro-fashion, adding more refinement to the pure-sport, pure-enjoyment roadster.

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