NISSAN Sunny 3 Doors

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NISSAN Sunny 3 Doors
NISSAN Sunny 3 Doors   1993 1995
1993 1995

Although the Sunny had entered production much earlier, the 1993 released models are particularly well known fro their sturdiness and capacity of lasting under extreme conditions if some customer reports are to be believed.
Having perfectly fitted in the Nissan line-up between the Micra and Bluebird, the Sunny enjoyed great popularity on US and South American territories. Powered by a range of two gasoline units with capacities of 1.4L and 1.6L as well as a larger 2.0 L Diesel plant, the Sunny is still one of the best selling cars in South America, particularly in Chile where it was rebadged as the Nissan Tsuru.

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