NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan Tiida/Versa Sedan 2019 - 2022

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Segment: Compact

The Nissan Tiida/Versa died in Europe, but thrives on other markets.
The newest generation was launched in 2019 with the help of country music star Kane Brown. But things look better in the U.S. for the compact-sized Nissan than they looked din Europe.

The new generation has a completely redesigned front area, with the same motifs found on the rest of the Nissan family. The manufacturer made an important step challenging its customers both with a bold exterior look and a big technological package inside the cabin, depending on the trim level.

As before, the Versa has plenty of room inside and the new generation keeps the same spirit, even if the roofline and the A-pillars are more angled than before. The same design key-factors can be found on the bigger Nissan sedans such as the Altima and the Maxima.

The Versa has only one engine available, a 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine with 122 HP. As standard, on the base trim level, the Versa is offered with a manual 5-speed transmission. On upper-scale versions though, Nissan offers the enhanced new X-Tronic CVT gearbox. Also, depending on the trim level, Versa can have a better infotainment system, keyless-entry, push-button start and heated front seats. Automatic climate control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are also offered as options.

NISSAN Tiida / Versa Sedan 2019 2022

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