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OPEL Adam   2013 2022
2013 2022

The smallest car Opel produced was the Opel Adam, an A segment vehicle that was a statement of style and personalisation.
The Adam came as a response to the Fiat’s 500 and Opel decided to beat it at its own game.

The cabin of the Adam was roomy enough, fitted with high quality materials and lots of good taste included for a car in this segment.

The instrument cluster was refined and looked even better than in the other Opel models.

The seats in the front were good and decent in the back, as the rear seats were not suitable for tall adults.

The trunk space was small, with only 170 L available, however, the rear seats were foldable, thus users could increase the load area if necessary.

The Adam used the Intelli-Link infotainment system that wasn’t available for the most mini cars.

The highly customisable Adam was available in 3 models: Slam, Glam and Jam. Unlike any other in the class, it was available with 12 body exterior paint colors, 3 roof color options and 31 alloy wheels models, reason why chances of seeing an identical Adam was at 1 in 30.000.

The car could run on 18-inch alloys as well, thus compromising comfort for a better look.

The engine on the Adam was a 1.4-liter naturally aspirated engine developing 100 HP. Although it was an older generation, the power plant offered reduced fuel consumption. A start-stop system was also included int he package.

The mini car could reach 100 kph in 11.5 seconds, and while it may not sound good, remember that the Adam was mostly designed to serve as an economical city car.

While raising the standard in the mini cars category, the Adam was more expensive, with a price around $17.000.

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