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OPEL Kadett Caravan
OPEL Kadett Caravan   1984 1991
1984 1991

Opel made the last generation of the Kadett in a few body versions, including a station wagon that served as a compact family car or a fleet vehicle.
Opel knew that it had to make the Kadett in a station wagon shape. In 1984, only a few carmakers built that body shape in the compact segment. That’s why many families preferred the Kadett, and it served as a mobile service vehicle for the German Automobil Club (ADAC) and the Austrian one (OAMTC) as well. That was a true sign of recognition.

With a front fascia that sported rectangular headlights tilted back and a convex-shaped grille, the Kadett Caravan was easy to spot and managed to avoid a bland look. Its corner-mounted turn signals were slim but tall and very visible. Up to the B-pillar, it shared the body panels with its five-door hatchback and four-door sedan siblings. Behind that, the carmaker extended the roof above the trunk area and ended the vehicle with a flat, vertical tailgate.

The car’s interior was simple on the base trim levels, with cranked windows and not even a radio on it, but the options list was long. Later on, Opel added power windows and locks and a cassette player. In the back, the Caravan version received a flat-folding bench, which extended the trunk from 470 liters (16.6 cu-ft) up to 1,800 liters (63.6 cu-ft), which was huge for a compact-segment vehicle.

Opel installed an extensive engine choice for the Kadett and enlarged it towards the late ’80s. Its platform featured McPherson struts at the front and a torsion beam in the rear, reinforced for heavier loads.

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