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OPEL Manta
OPEL Manta   1975 1989
1975 1989

The second generation of the Opel Manta was built between 1975 and 1989.
It was offered in a coupe and a three-door hatchback on the European market.

At the beginning of the ’70s, the personal coupe vehicles started to get more attention from customers. Most of the brands had something on the table to offer. Opel brought several, ranged from the Kadett to the big Manta. And they were proper sporty vehicles with front engines and rear-wheel-drive.

The oil crisis was still in the common memory and people started to look for fuel-efficient cars. Also, they were looking for attractive coupe vehicles with low fuel consumption. Opel Manta was just one example. With its sleek look, squared headlights, and fastback or coupe shape, it was the right car in the right moment. It was big enough to fit four passengers and still leave room for some luggage in the back.

Inside, the Manta was basic, depending on the engine version and the trim level. It started with a simple, no power-steering, no power-windows, and steel wheels and went up to a comfortable GT vehicle, built on a budget. The platform was a carry-over from the Opel Ascona and its 2.5 meters (99”) wheelbase was long enough to carry two adults in the back. The rear bench featured a folding backseat, to increase the trunk space (for the three-door version).

For the engine compartment, the Manta was fitted exclusively with inline-four engines. The 1975 models featured small, 1.3-liter units with a carburetor. Later models, after 1982, received revised engines. Apart from some version of the 2.0-liter engine, all versions were mated to a 4-speed manual.

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