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PEUGEOT 308 3 Doors
PEUGEOT 308 3 Doors   2008 2013
2008 2013

After the successful 307, the French carmaker introduced the 308 range in 2007 and offered it in a few body versions, including a much anticipated 3-door hatchback.
It was not a good time for the automotive industry, and Peugeot found that after the world financial crisis struck them. Still, it already had a planned vehicle and kept its promise to the customers. Besides, the engineers already developed the car. Moreover, it built it on the same platform as its predecessor.

Like its regular hatchback, the 3-door 308 featured a V-shaped power dome on the hood connecting the front slat to the A-pillars. The raked windscreen opened the way for a tall greenhouse so that nobody could complain about headroom anymore. The long doors were a challenge in the three-door version in tight parking spots, but the biggest problem was the door mirrors, which were mounted further back. Peugeot adopted that solution so it could install longer windows. In the back, the car sported triangular fixed side windows for the rear passengers. The carmaker considered that the pop-out windows were unnecessary since most versions featured air-conditioning.

Inside, the carmaker installed five seating positions with enough legroom thanks to the higher seating position. Since it was the sportier-looking car from the family, Peugeot offered sporty, bolstered seats for the GTI version, while the rest of the range received regular bucket seats. In the back, the bench could hold three passengers, but not on long roads.

Under the hood, Peugeot offered the 308SW with a wide range of powerplants ranged between 90 hp and 170 hp, both gasoline and turbo-diesel, paired with manual or automatic transmissions, depending on the engine.

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